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Transport accessibility of Jarosław County

The network of roads and railway lines

Jarosław County's location near communication routes and proximity of the border crossings create favorable conditions for investment.

The area of the Jarosław County is crossed by A4 motorway (E40) Jędrzychowice -Wrocław-Katowice-Rzeszów-Korczowa. The road continues the run of the German motorway A4 from Dresden and constitute the part of the direct European route: East-West E40.

The drivers traveling A4 motorway can use the Korczowa Node in the Jarosław County. This is the last node in Poland, allowing exit from the A4 motorway before crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Trunk roads are important for communication. Jarosław County is crossed by the trunk road No. 77 Lipnik - Przemyśl and trunk road No. 94 Zgorzelec - Korczowa which reaches the state's border with Ukraine and is the alternative to the A4 motorway. In addition, through the county run the railway line No. 91 (Kraków-Medyka) and the railway line No. 101 (Munina - Hrebenne).

Currently efforts are made to obtain funds for the implementation of S19 expressway, which will be section of the European route Via Carpathia leading from Klaipeda to Thessaloniki.


The investment attractiveness of the Jarosław County, next to the prime location on the East – West route, is also enhanced by the accessibility for investors of the international airport Rzeszów – Jasionka (approx. 55 km from Jarosław). Airport Rzeszów-Jasionka offers flights to Warsaw and several capitals and cities of Europe.

In Jarosław County, in Laszki, 20km from the capital of county, there is a "LASZKI Landing". Aero Club of the Jarosław Land – Aeroklub Ziemia Jarosławska" is the managing authority of the LASZKI landing.

Distances from the capital of the county - the city of Jarosław and border crossing with Ukraine and important regional and trans-regional centers are as follows:

Korczowa - Rzeszów – approx. 90 km
Korczowa - International Airport Rzeszów Jasionka - approx. 95 km
Jarosław - International Airport Rzeszów Jasionka - approx. 55 km
Korczowa - Lublin – approx. 183 km
Jarosław – Lublin – approx. 153 km
Jarosław – Airport Lublin, Świdnik - 161
Korczowa - Cracow - 263 km
Jarosław – Cracow- 222 km
Jarosław – Cracow Airport – Balice, Balice – 235 km
Korczowa - Warsaw – 373 km
Jarosław – Warsaw – 343 km
Jarosław – Chopin Airport in Warsaw – 349 km
Korczowa – Wrocław – 527 km
Jarosław – Wrocław – 488 km
Korczowa - Wrocław Airport– 535 km
Korczowa – Katowice – 340 km
Jarosław – Katowice – 301 km
Korczowa – International Airport Katowice in Pyrzowice – 366 km

Border crossings

Road border crossing: Korczowa- Krakowiec, located in the Jarosław County, is the largest border crossing with Ukraine. It is open round the clock, with the full range of passenger and freight traffic checks. Truck road No. 4 runs to the border crossing. It is the only border crossing in Subcarpathian Voivodeship, where there are performed veterinary and phytosanitary controls.

At the eastern border with Ukraine, the border crossing Budomierz – Hruszew, about 38 km from Korczowa, is the alternative crossing to road border in Korczowa - Krakowiec and Medyka-Szeginie.


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